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Jan 7 2009, 01:58 PM
I kind of like it, but IA that it's more the best of a bad situation than an actual good storyline.

The only thing I personally would change is to either swap out Brady for Sami or add her into the mix. I get why that's not possible given Sami's ridiculously lame half-assed story, but thinking of my ideal exit- it would be nice to have her there to resolve the relationship given all she did to keep them apart. Plus it would've been fun to watch Sami scheme again.

Still- for what it is, it's good. Much better than I anticipated. I'll just rationalize that it was too expensive for them to use anyone else but a recent recast and a random psychopath.
They already settled the Sami/J&M stuff so not sure about doing that. It would be fun seeing Sami involved. Hell, I could see a chance here to have Steve be the one who breaks in the office since Marlena and Brady are in Kayla's office so I assume perhaps Kayla will be involved. That would be nice and maybe how Bo have visions of danger with Charlotte given what happens next week. Then you bring Bo and Hope into the mix and the 3 supercouples get one last ride together before J&M leave.

I agree that they could've taken this chance to honor the characters a bit over a longer period and not just in the last two episodes, where I'm sure most of the flashbacks and tribute will take place. I mean, sure they have John having some flashbacks Friday and all but they could've started stretching this in December. They had time given when they were fired. It just reeks of them not knowing what to do because Charlotte was on the canvas and I'm sure they thought about it as J&M having one last threat and one last dangerous situation and thought it was fitting. It sort of is but it would've been nice to handle it like they did J&J. That was rushed too but they were very much in their dynamic in their final days and even though there wasn't alot of flashbacks, it felt like a nice tribute overall. This kind of reminds me of that in how rushed it is but it doesn't have the same care and that is not all on Higley. It's on everyone as a team. The writers and Tomlin could've made more out of this or handled it differently. It doesn't sound dreadful IMO but it still is rushed and comes off like the best that can be made out of the way they went about this and that isn't exactly a ringing endorsement. Whatever the case, I will enjoy it for entertainment reasons and enjoy the flashbacks and their farewell.
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