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Let me just start of by saying Dr. Charlotte Taylor = Dr. Alex North. They're essentially the same character and this is the same storyline, aside from the pacing. With Alex, you had Reilly writing and the pacing was very slow, so they could draw out stuff that happened and it didn't seem so rushed. But with Charlotte, Higley's writing and she has a schedule to get this storyline done by because Hall and Hogestyn are leaving, so it's much more fast and she has to get this done so she's speeding things up. Had she been given more time, the similarities would've been even more noticable.

You have John starting to remember his life with Marlena, but Charlotte doing anything she can to stop him from remembering. Same thing happened with Alex and Marlena.

And like Ellie said, if this was not John and Marlena's exit storyline and they weren't being shipped off in two weeks, this would be such a horrible rip off storyline and no one would be happy about it. But because we know that they're leaving, it sounds somewhat better than what they've been getting the last year and we want to stay positive because we're about to say goodbye to two staples in DAYS' history.

I don't have a problem with Brady being in many of these exit scenes. He is John and Marlena's son after all. He should be there up until the two of them leave, no matter if Martsolf is new to the canvas or not. He's playing a character with established history on this show and that makes him important and especially important to this storyline.
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