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It is one thing to repeat stories but to the exact characters is wrong. They could have had John just get his memory back without a mystery or delay and leave some more time for real John to react all that has gone on in the last year. Brady's out of character drug addiction, Shawn's death, being Colleen and Santo's son, his behavior, Marlena not accepting him (some times right some times wrong) and get a longer wedding and reception. I accept Brady there but there was no reason for Charlotte. They could have not mentioned again and off the show without an attempted killing. If they allowed more time for the exit maybe the adventure they are giving us wouldn't seem a waste or at the very least rushed. Days Cafe did say the cops take away Charlotte so maybe that is Bo, Hope and Roman. I do think they would say goodbye to Sami so I do hope they give her a call rather than not mention her at all but she could easily be distracting.
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