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Jan 7 2009, 09:38 PM
With Sami- I thought I'd posted another comment earlier but it was an off day so who knows.
You did - it's on the first page in this thread. Your comment is what started this discussion, lol!

I can understand not wanting this version of Sami involved. But in my ideal fantasy Days, Sami doesn't have to be the whiny melodramatic pseudo-heroine. She can be the melodramatic manipulative vicious bitch.
Yep. But unfortunately in this version of Days (and I'm not sure which actress you're casting in your version), she's whiny and annoying.

I agree with the 'happy with no Sami' side of this, lol. It's a silver lining for me that she hasn't been mentioned in any J&M spoilers. We had way too much of her this summer, like when Sami and EJ suddenly ran into Marlena's townhouse when Marlena was lying on the floor and John was giving her CPR. I don't need Sami running into any of their scenes now.
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