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From an anonymous source:

For the week of January 12th:

---How much longer will Nicole be able to keep up her charade: She's been meeting with Mia, a pregnant young girl who had agreed to give Nicole her baby, but insisted on meeting the father-to-be first. The two women bonded and Nicole finally persuaded Mia to forego meeting EJ. But, Mia insisted on at least seeing where her baby would live. Nicole took Mia to the DiMera Mansion, where they ran into Tony. Nicole covered, saying she met Mia at a youth center where she volunteers. Tony told EJ, who wondered why Nicole hadn't filled him in.....

---After Lucas nearly walked in on them, Chloe told Daniel that what had happened between them would never happen again. Later, at their engagement party, Daniel toasted Chloe and Lucas and Kate welcomed her daughter-in-law to be to the family. Alone with Lucas, Chloe wondered if their love could last. He assured her it would. Chloe warned Daniel again that nothing had happened between them, then they almost made love. Again. This time, Kate almost caught them.

---Stephanie was shocked to see Max at Lucas and Chloe's engagement party. She was even more surprised to learn that Chelsea had invited him. Chelsea assured Stephanie that she and Max were just friends, but did ask if there would be a problem if they started dating. Stephanie said she would have a problem with that. However, people kept on commenting on what a "cute couple" Max and Chelsea make.

---Max learned from Maggie about Nick's hearing. Nick didn't want anyone there except Melanie, but Max was determined to go. He told Stephanie and she went, as well and Philip showed up, unseen. Melanie made a genuine, heartfelt statement in which she forgave Nick. Because of this, his statement was reduced to 2-5 years. But was Melanie's motive to help Nick, or to help her standing with Philip? Later, EJ and Stefano plotted to take over the Alternative Fuels project from the Kiriakis family. Melanie figured out they were interested, but refused to sell because it would hurt her chances with Philip.

---John finished his hypnotherapy session with Charlotte. He'd had another memory of Marlena, but Charlotte kept that little tidbit to herself. It was becoming clear that the lovely Charlotte had some kind of ulterior motive. Then she told John that hypnosis wouldn't work for him. He was distraught and asked Marlena for a second opinion. She reacted when he called her "Doc," and he was affected when she kissed him. Marlena confided in Brady that she was suspicious of Charlotte. Brady found a way into Charlotte's office, where he found the video of John's hypnosis. Charlotte proposed John start a new life, outside of Salem, with her help.

---Brady was still in Charlotte's office, watching the tape, when she started to enter. Before she spotted Brady, Marlena stopped her and questioned her. Charlotte became angry and Kayla pulled them both out, giving Brady a chance to escape. Later, Charlotte realized someone had broken into her office and viewed her session with John. Brady had emailed it to himself and showed some of the session to the increasingly suspicious Marlena.

---Sami snuck over to the convent again, where Sister Theresa assured her they were there to help. The nun gave Sami a cell phone and she returned to Rafe. Meanwhile, the killer captured Hilda, who refused to reveal Sami's whereabouts. For her trouble, Hilda ended up the killer's next victim.
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