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Thanks Angie. Surprisingly, the Nicole stuff doesn't do it for me....so she isn't going to get Sami's baby? Or are we building up for Mia just to have Mia back out at last minute?

And Melanie gives Nick praise and forgiveness so she looks good for Phillip? Then doesn't sell her fuel because of Phillip? What is up with Melanie wanting Phillip so bad? Is there any hope that someone badass like EJ would play Melanie just to get the fuel project?...not that I want EJ in Melanie's orbit at all. It will actually kill me to see Melanie trash talk the Dimeras.

And I know she is a good FBI agent, but Sami is the last person deserving of dying for...knowing that all she wants to do is escape. I am sure we will get the "it's all my fault" crying speech before Hilda is a forgotten memory.

And the most soapy, sleezy Dan/Chloe will have me watching...just because it is so stupid, its funny.

And Jarlena would have me watching, but reading how everyone thinks their departure story is crap and Dr. Charlotte sucks, I have no interest.

Thanks so much, Angie!

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