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Jan 8 2009, 08:53 PM
You know, I am with you PR. I am just glad this is finally going somewhere. I want it to move...and the biggest part I am waiting for is how is EJ going to react when he finds out both of these women were lying to him.

I think the biggest twist Dena could have done was to have Nicole tell the truth. So far, her big forecast of twists and turns in this story has been a huge load of shit! Does this woman even know what she is writing?
I wish I could get excited about the story moving, but I just can't....not when I know who's writing this. It will fall flat. It will be lame. It will be predictable. Dena doesn't know sh#t from shinola........

EVERY storyline that has aired since she has been head writer has fallen flat. It might seem interesting in theory, but when it plays out.............nothing............lame...........

In a word Higley SUCKS!!!

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