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I am so frustrated with Days. I haven't watched for a few months now. I only read the summaries. And with how they have written off JM so poorly, and this stupid baby S/L. I can't stand to watch Melanie, Stephanie and Nicole but yet that is all that is on and unfortunately will still be on. They all bore me to tears. The Nicole Melanie show is horrific. I can only hope that after Ali's maternity leave I will be able to watch again. If Nicole gets Sami's baby that will be just wrong and will keep me turned off. They have written Lucas, EJ and basically every man on the show as a sap. What happened to the Days that had strong storylines that kept us watching. I have been a Days Fan since 1993 and this is actually the first time I have just stopped watching all together. I am now rooting for Kendall on AMC to wake up. Thanks board for letting me vent.
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