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So, NicHo is in fact going to see that Sami is preggers - doesn't bode well for the EJamlet, I fear. Soap Gods, if you're out there, PLEEEZE stop Hackley from doing a horrible baby switch S/L!!

Meanwhile instead of killing 'waste of space Rafe' they go and kill Hilda, who had actually kinda grown on me, and was the only comic relief of any sort on the entire show!

The TRAVESTY that is the Jarlena departure S/L just makes me see red. If you had told me a year ago that this could happen, I literally wouldn't have believed it. I mean, I get that by shelving Dee and Drake they save a whopping amount of money (though I still wonder if it's the best choice, and the way they told them was appalling), but what I find completely unbelievable is the SHODDY way they're going about it. Wasting all this time on some stupid psycho shrink, when I bet anyone on this board who's a Jarlena fan at all could think of 3 better answers off the top of their head!! I just saw a spoiler in another thread that said that whatever this toxin is *paralyzes* John, and so he and Marlena go to Europe for a cure. If that is true (and as it was Ange, it probably is), it means we will be deprived of ANY proper wedding scene, or even final embrace! It's sickening!

Days not only desperately needs to fire Hackley, they need to fire the dialogue writers, cuz the current ones suck. Not only are they doing stupid plot-driven character-destroying S/Ls, but they are writing the lamest dialogue I've ever heard on the show, and I've been watching for 35 years! Seriously, Kenny: Fire. Them. All.

Maybe Kenny is hoping if the show stinks badly enough, there won't be such an outcry when he finishes killing off his parents' legacy. It's the only theory I have right now that makes any sense. Kenny has always been an idiot, but this surpasses all, really.
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