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From an anonymous source. Thanks again!

For the week of January 19th:

---Chloe got an audition in Vancouver and planned on using it as a getaway for herself and Lucas. She told Daniel her plans and he was none too happy. After a call from Sami, Lucas told Chloe he couldn't go with her - and revealed Sami's location. Later, Daniel went to Lucas with the intention of spilling the beans, while Chloe went to see Nicole and did spill the beans, about Sami's pregnancy AND her location. Daniel managed to keep his mouth shut, and later told Chloe he loved her, but wouldn't ruin her life. Unfortunately, they couldn't keep their hands off each other and made love -- again. And Kate almost caught them, again.

---Nicole was still scheming, trying to figure out how to get out of the house, pretend to give birth AND get her hands on Mia's baby. Dr. Baker warned her that if the timing was not right with Mia, the whole scam was going to blow up in her face. THEN, Nicole learned from Chloe what Sami was up to. Nicole went straight to the convent, where all her anger and hurt came out. After she overheard Sami thanking Sister Theresa for agreeing to take her baby after it was born, Nicole came up with a brand new plan. She gave the Sister the business card of the clinic where she planned on delivering HER baby. What is Nicole up to?

---After they learned that Hilda had been killed, Rafe wanted to know if Sami had done anything else to compromise her safety. She admitted she'd been to the convent - again. Rafe discovered the safe house had been compromised and rushed Sami out and back to the convent, then he came face-to-face with the killer.

---Brady showed Marlena the video of John's hypnosis session and they concluded that he DID remember, and that Charlotte lied to him. Separately, Kayla recommended John fire Charlotte. He laughed off her concerns, but still decided not to continue therapy. Meanwhile, Charlotte learned her computer had been compromised and went to confront Marlena. Brady told John that Charlotte was withholding information. John called Marlena, just as Charlotte was threatening her with a syringe filled with a toxic substance. John raced to her aid.

---John got to Marlena's, and Charlotte accidentally stabbed him, instead. He collapsed, and Bo and Hope arrived just in time to arrest Charlotte while Marlena administered CPR. John was rushed to the hospital and Kayla learned he had suffered a major stroke. Marlena kept vigil, tellin. him all about their life, love and family. He came to and remembered everything! Unfortunately, he was paralyzed from the neck down. Marlena was determined to help him recover. They said their goodbyes and left for a new adventure, reunited at last.
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