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Jan 10 2009, 02:58 AM
Jan 10 2009, 02:56 AM
I wont be watching the last Day.. I know Corday is banking on a big day for their exit .. By Not watchong I will send my own F.U.

If I choose to watch Ill do it on youtube.. I wont add even one viewer on a day Corday lifts his leg and pisses on the, DH's and craps on the fans.
Unless you're a Nielsen viewer, it won't count your viewership whether you tune in or not.
Then I will hope the Neilson viewers feel like I do towards Corday..angry as hell. :redface:
But either way as a viewer its the only power I have .. to watch .. or not to watch.
Im not watching it.. To this day I have never watched when they killed John last time , and I wont watch it this time.

I know some feel they will return, I dont..
I believe this was a very final straw, and a line was crossed..
They dont need us or Day's, and our need, or love for them wont bring them back to this shithole.
I will only hope they find another venture where I can still be a fan.
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