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I think Thaao's playing Andre again. Wait until you see Monday's clip.
Didn't he mention something in his previous guestbook entry that Andre would be back to torment Nicole or something?
Yeah, he said "A little Andre popping in to disturb her happy state." That's not Tony on Monday. He's smoking a cigar in the morning room of the DiMansion. He doesn't care that she's pregnant and that she's fanning the smoke away. He's warning her that EJ's more interested in work than her and the baby. She said she doesn't mind EJ not being there for the birth if he has to work. She accuses him of being jealous of EJ. Then Tony spies on Ejole when they discuss EJ's work. The whole eppy has Tony completely out of character.

The clips are at the DiMera Den message board under video clips, 2000s clips, 2009.
Wow, I thought Thaao was just gonna make Tony a little more grey when he said "A little Andre popping in to disturb her happy state". What if Andres really back, I would love that so much.
I know you would. lol I'm happy if Andre's back if it gives Thaao a storyline. Yeah, I was not expecting to see Tony that dark. I just thought he was going to be snarky with her.

The thing is, we don't know if Tony is this dark because of the writing or if it's Thaao's doing. He's smoked before on the show when it wasn't in the script.
Me either I thought ok Tony was going to get a liitle nasty with her and call her out on some things but as Tony. He completely changed the character.

Yes I would like to know if Thaao just did this on his own playing the scene that way. But wouldn't you think Higley or the director would recognize this and tell him they didn't want it played that way?
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