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Jan 10 2009, 12:00 PM
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Jan 10 2009, 11:35 AM
I wish they would have just stuck with the storyline they had going with the hospital scenes in August. That was a great umbrella story for all the vets. Tony and Stefano had the best debate of the year. Plus there was a balance for Tony with him declaring his love for Anna at the same time. You saw all of his character then. Now it's just snarky Tony being bitchy.
I wanted EJ and Tony to work together against Stefano but then the two of them would go against each other. I want them to either make Tony more dark, or bring back Andre. But I don't want him to just pop up once in a while to just give advice like now.
From what Thaao told us in Burlington, that's what they were going to do. EJony was going to take down John, then Stefano, then turn on each other. Now we just have Tony either trying to legitimately warn EJole or he wants the power for himself, which is out of character. Tony's had his own business for a year now. He didn't want the DiMera empire. I don't get the change of heart unless it's not Tony. It would make sense for it to be Andre since he cared about the empire and insisted on being Stefano's only heir. He's acting like Andre did last year.
Or like I mentioned before this could be Tony just pretending to be Andre then gain control and restore the family name. I think that would be a nice twist. Even have Tony while pretending to be Andre actually fall into that dark side and have Tony change into a nastier character.
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