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I've been thinking - considering the need for this show to force Melanie and Nicole down everyone's throats each day, at best 15 minutes will be given to the departure SL of J&M on its final day, 23 Jan. Within that I predict J&M will get 5 minutes alone time together on the last show.
John wakes up and remembers, 1 minute before the doctors are called in because he can't move. Doctor discussions over his prognosis, Belgium discussed - John insists they marry - all with others in the room, most likely kayla and lexie.
Necessary alone time with John and Brady and likely alone time with marlena and roman to say goodbye. 2 minute marriage and a 'let's go'...ok so maybe I overestimated the 5 minutes.
Really, in the history of soaps - has there ever been a worse way to send off beloved characters?? Killing them would have been less cruel than this - paralysing one and leaving the other to 'take care' of them. What a romantic reunion after more than a year of separation.
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