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Jan 12 2009, 09:21 PM
I understand that people don't like the story, there are plenty of stories I don't like. And yet, I remember how back in 1993 during John and Marlena's affair story, that was hated by a majority of people as well. If I remember correctly, on the message boards on Prodigy (remember Prodigy!?), the biggest complaint was that John was a huge slut, Marlena was a slut, and the story came out of nowhere. Isabella had died in October, and then John hit the sheets with both Marlena and Rebecca soon after, not to mention Kristin soon after that. The Daniel and Chloe story is causing lots of contraversy on the net and posting of their epps on Youtube are getting lots of views. Just sayin :)
I know a lot of people that couldn't wait for the affair to happen. And the fallout was enormous and played out for practically the whole decade. I seriously doubt anyone will be talking about Daniel and Chloe's affair for ten years, LOL

I can't even imagine how many views affair clips might have gotten if there was a youtube back in 1993!
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