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This is kinda crazy, lol, but I was just so happy to get some S&K spoilers for once!

The week of Janury 26th - the mayor's killer is wounded by Rafe in a fight, Maggie finds him on the pier, and takes him to the hospital - Kayla treats him, and realizes he looks familiar, but (for now) she doesn't remember from where she recognizes him

Now for the crazy part, LOL:

Bo will ask Steve to help him on the case of finding the mayor's killer. Steve then hacks into Stefano's computer (heeee! ) and gets a lead on the killer by finding a corporation holding a large sum of money.

Then Bo has a vision of Hope firing a gun.......which he confides to Steve about; Bo envisions a death in the family. So, Bo tries to take Hope off the case, she refuses, and then he tells her about his vision. She tells him she'll be extra careful. And THEN......Bo has a vision of Hope shooting Kayla! Which leads to Bo and Steve working frantically together to keep Hope and Kayla apart......

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