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I had some trouble with the Bo is psychic story too at first but last week sold me. I liked seeing Bo and Hope talking through it and this spoiler makes it seem like it will continue to be a source of tension and conflict.

The visions are to build suspense. It works because you wonder how and when said event will happen.

As for Bo being suddenly psychic, I didn't buy it either but I have heard of people hitting their head and experiencing strange aftereffects. One such effect is someone all of a sudden having stronger hearing or a stronger sense of smell. Things like that. So, who knows? It's possible. It's not like there is some concrete research out there saying it's not. On a show like Days, it works. We've already had a woman possessed, so called "people of the night" living in the tunnels under France with a guillotine available for use no less, Kristen finding someone who looks exactly like her who was pregnant to pose as her, etc. Those things weren't a problem in the 90's for most and I would bet Bo being psychic won't be for the fans who seem to be enjoying Days. Hell, SOW just gave the Bo story a HIT. That isn't a testament but it seems someone is buying it. I can tell they are sort of riding the popularity of The Mentalist with this.

It's entertaining and now that are focusing on the impact on Bo and Hope and bringing Steve and Kayla into it, it means more IMO. Hell, Bo actually has a chance to prevent this. I had heard rumors that there would be a big event during sweeps. I have to wonder if this will play a role in something like that. It's very interesting and sounds like good drama, especially if Hope actually does it. It also seems like someone will die in the Brady family. That makes it even more suspenseful, especially with the cuts. With SN and MBE on the bubble, you really have to wonder if this may actually happen. Wow...they got me hooked. I needed a spoiler like this LOL.

Also good to see Maggie involved. We've been seeing alot of her so someone in charge must like her. She seems to have taken on the load Caroline was.

It's just great to see substantial spoilers and something happening with Bo, Hope, Steve, and Kayla (especially Steve and Kayla). It also seems like we will get insight into the mayor's killer, which should be good.
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