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Jan 13 2009, 07:36 PM
Having psychic visions is a far cry from developing a stronger sense of smell or hearing. :lol:
I was just throwing out examples of what could happen.

For all any of else knows, it may actually be possible. As I said, none of us really knows. I'm not in love with that angle either. I've enjoyed it much better of late but it's still hard for me to take but I'm willing to acknowledge it is possible.

As for why Bo and Steve don't just tell them, why? To get them worked up and freaking out? That would make the situation worse and get them to panic about everything and there is also the fact that Bo doesn't want anyone to know. Hope already mentioned telling Kayla and he refused. He doesn't want to end up with a shrink or anything like that. He only tells Steve in hopes of preventing it without panicking Hope and Kayla. I can understand why they wouldn't, especially given Bo and Steve are like that. They like to take matters into their own hands and to avoid involving their wives.
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