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Jan 13 2009, 05:15 AM

I get it. No other actors have ever been as badly treated, nor their fans so cruelly tossed aside as D&D or J&M's.

saving my breath to cool my coffee.

If I had a high-five emoticon, I'd use it. ;) Hell, it's worth a high-ten.
I do understand the send-off isn't the world's greatest, but I'm getting tired of the J&M ALTAR OF GREATNESS. That bugs me more than the send-off, which I think is pretty sad. For any character. I thought Nicole's last send-off was bad. Don Craig's was bad. Nick's is going to be bad. Hell Daniel and Chloe will probably leave with their tails tucked in. (figuratively speaking). It doesn't seem like ANYONE under this writing regime is getting a nice send-off, so why should J&M be any different? Spare me the years of supercoupledom. Anyone would be upset if it was their favorite getting the same treatment, even if the favorite doesn't "measure up to the awesome" <Insert sarcasm here>
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