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Jan 13 2009, 09:29 PM
Obviously, J&M are not the only ones to get a shitty exit, but what would you have people do? List out each and every one of them every time they complain about J&M's exit?
The point I'm trying to make, Mason, is that when people do mention it (other characters), it shouldn't be belittled as be not as worthy because it's not J&M. And, yes, people DO complain about it. Or, they chalk it up as being part of the business. Sure, they've been on for years, BUT they are not infallible. We know about it, and wailing and gnashing of teeth isn't going to make it better. Certainly, belittling others who bring up other characters who had less than stellar exits makes those doing the belittling sound like sour grapes.

And now, my famous Fo'est Gump quote: "That's all I'm gonna say 'bout that."
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