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Jan 10 2009, 08:17 PM
Jan 10 2009, 10:42 AM
So we've know for MONTHS that John and Marlena are leaving the show, yet they couldn't make an exit STORYLINE for them? They give them a "two week event"? Ridiculous... John and Marlena should have had a MONTHS of storyline leading up to their departure. And when I say months, I mean months on front burner...

But it doesn't surprise me. They did the same with Carrie and Austin and some others in the past as well.

I was interested to watch Marlena and John's departure, but I'm not sure I will now.
This is not true. They were fired at the end of November. And for some reason they had to tape the last episode before the christmas studio dark which started at December 22. So even if the writers knew a little sooner than it was officially announced, they still had only 3 weeks to rewrite the already prepared scripts, create some quick but not completely pointless end of Dr. Taylor storyline and send Jarlena away.
They were told early Nov. which means tiic knew at least in Oct. they were on their way out, that gave them three months to write an interesting exit. But this crapfest of writers haven't been able to write a decent story for a year, so time really has nothing to do with the crap we're getting for J/M.
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