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I am starting to like the Daniel and Chloe storyline as well. Someone please shoot me. :shrug: It's like a trainwreck; I like looking. :embarrassed:
I think it may be the trainwreck appeal lol But there is just something about them that hooks me. For one,
it plays to their abilities lol (love you Nadia and Shawn, but acting isn't what you're best at), and I just enjoy the overall story. I don't know if it's because DAYS doesn't usually do these kinds of stories, or because it's just trashy, but it's certainly fun.
And it's totally unexpected and nobody predicted it.
It's unexpected because it's so random and out of nowhere - something that is not necessarily a good thing.
You said exactly what I was thinking! There was no build-up at all, and the fallout is pretty irrelevant to anything as well. Lucas gets hurt again. Big deal. Chloe ends up with Daniel perhaps. So what? Kate is pissed. Oh how original.
And yet, some of us are looking forward to what happens. How the Hortons react. How Philip, and Kate, and Chelsea react. It well help us deal with John and Marlena leaving
Huh? You said you didn't care about J&M. Not that you have to, but since you don't care it wouldn't seem to matter what happens to J&M.

I am just stating my opinion about the Danloe story. If you find it intriguing good for you. I just don't see it.

I was watching today and Lucas seems like a pod person. Lucas could be anyone in this story. Being Lucas in the story has no meaning.
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