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Pudge Goddess
Jan 14 2009, 12:51 AM
You said exactly what I was thinking! There was no build-up at all, and the fallout is pretty irrelevant to anything as well. Lucas gets hurt again. Big deal. Chloe ends up with Daniel perhaps. So what? Kate is pissed. Oh how original.

Big deal??

For those of us who like the guy, it IS a big deal. Some of us are really sick of seeing him get crapped on over and over again. He got crapped on by Nicole. Then Carrie. Then Sami. The Carrie crapping was really bad. The Sami crapping was the worst. I don't care about the argument of those who say he told Sami to move on when he went to prison. She could have moved on with someone else, anyone else, and he would have been hurt, but understood. But she went and scrumped his worst enemy, the guy he warned her not to trust, the guy who made their lives hell, and the guy she said raped her. How sick is that? How could any man be okay with that?

So when TPTB throw him into this relationship with Chloe out of nowhere, just to have him crapped on AGAIN, by her of all people, it's a big deal. I frigging hate Chloe. She's going to seriously hurt and humiliate him, and he's already been hurt way more than his share. Someone should crap all over Chloe, not Lucas. The guy deserves a break for a change.
I agree with you. Lucas is acting like a pod. It's like they needed someone to play the part of the cuckold in this story and pulled his name out of a hat.
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