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Lucas and Chloe's "relationship" was never anything more than a plot point to start. Its whole purpose was to throw Philip towards Morgan and get Lucas away from Sami. I agree that we've never seen the relationship develop and I have never had any understanding on any level why either of them would care for each other at all, let alone want to marry each other. I have never been convinced, not for one second, that Lucas and Chloe love each other. At most I have thought Lucas was physically attracted to Chloe, but Nadia never sold that it was mutual. I assume based on what we've been seeing recently and the Will recasting news that a Lumi revisit is pending, but whatever happens, the sooner we get this sham of a relationship over (Lucas/Chloe) the better. It never should have happened to begin with and it surely should not have gotten to this stage. It's been utterly unbelievable and unappealing every step of the way.
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