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Both SOD and SOW this week feature articles about the Nicole/Sami story. SOD interviews Nadia Bjorlin, and SOW interviews Ari Zucker.

Chloe gets an audition for herself in Vancouver, after she cheats on Luas with Daniel. Chloe tells Lucas that she'd both of them to go to Vancouver. At first, Lucas questions her, but then he agrees.

As SOD describes, "Chloe leaves to run some errands and encounters Daniel on the pier." She tells Daniel that she's going away, and he begs her to stay in Salem. However, when Chloe arrives home, Lucas informs her that he's just gotten a phone call from Sami, who is hiding in the convent and scared. He tells Chloe that he can't go with her, because Sami needs him. As Bjorlin explains to SOD, "Chloe is like, 'It's always about Sami, isn't it? You just drop everything for that woman. Maybe we don't need time alone; maybe I need time alone.'" Chloe then leaves very angry and goes to the DiMera mansion to speak with Nicole.

When Chloe is discussing things with Nicole, as Bjorlin tells SOD, she accidentally blurts out that "Sami has her hooks in [Lucas]... ever since she found out she was pregnant." Ari Zucker tells SOW that Nicole assumes the baby is Lucas's, and Nicole consoles Chloe about how horrible this must be for her. So Chloe says, "Lucas is not the father. It's EJ."

Zucker explains that "Nicole can't seem to get Sami out of her life. Not only do Sami and EJ have one child together, but now they're going to have another baby to bond over. And Nicole lost her baby. Sami has what Nicole wants: EJ's child and his heart, basically."

Nicole then grills Chloe for more information about this. Chloe tells her that Sami doesn't want EJ to know, but Chloe says that Sami has left the safe house and is now in the convent. Nicole quickly says goodbye to Chloe.

Nicole goes to the convent and finds Sami praying. Nicole has a fantasy about, as Zucker puts it, "taking Sami out." Zucker explains that the whole thing is so hard for Nicole, since she thinks she should be having EJ's baby now, not Sami.

In the convent, Nicole hears a nun coming and hides so she can eavesdrop on the nun's conversation with Sami. Sami tells the nun that she wants the nun to take her baby, as she doesn't want the baby to be a DiMera. Nicole realizes she has to come up with a plan for Sami to give birth in Dr. Baker's clinic.

Sami leaves, and Nicole approaches the nun. She tells her that she's pregnant and doesn't know what to do with the baby. Nicole says that she wants to help other girls in her situation, and she hands the nun Dr. Baker's phone number and tells the nun to have any other girl in this situation call that number, as she's heard Dr. Baker is very good. The nun is very happy to learn this, as it will help her help Sami.

Zucker says, "So far, so good. Nicole can take Sami's baby, so her problem is solved. Plus she's got Mia's baby as a backup."

Meanwhile though, as SOD describes, after her conversation with Nicole, "a frustrated Chloe heads to Daniel's, where she has sex with him yet again."

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