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So Hall and Hogestyn weren't fired because of financial reason? Corday pretty much just threw Higley and the creative department under the bus with that line. This was a creative decision. NBC forced a smaller cast on them, so everyone had to decide who was getting cut. Higley probably threw John and Marlena's names in that hat because she clearly can't write for them. That's the situation I'm seeing this as. She's proven that the past year. She doesn't get them, as individuals or as a couple. Why write for them then? I don't fault Higley for wanting to be rid of John and Marlena. Why would you want to write for a couple you don't like? In my old fan fiction, I wrote out Bo and Hope because I'm not a fan of theirs. And instead of just having them sit on the sidelines, I got rid of them. This time around, I'm getting rid of John and Marlena because I can't think of any stories for them right now. I understand why they're getting rid of the computers, creatively.

I am somewhat disappointed to learn Hall and Hogestyn declined a cake. I'm not calling them out on being bitter, but declining that offer, does make them sound a little upset. And they have everyone reason to be, don't get me wrong.
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