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Viewing Single Post From: SOD and SOW: Nicole wants Sami's baby!
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Oh brother! Out of all the ways to go, I can't believe they went with this stupid way.
I am just amazed that Sami is giving the baby up so it won't have anything to do with the Dimeras and EJ. So if Nicole does this, why does she think Sami has EJ's heart? Obviously, Sami wouldn't give a shit about EJ if she does this...so maybe that is her motivation.
Who knows!

Interesting that Lucas drops Chloe for Sami...wtf can Lucas do for Sami now? He should be pissed that she hasn't told EJ yet.
I am just happy that Chloe and Lucas seem to be splitsville...until Chloe ends up pregnant and doesn't know who the father is.

Thanks for sharing, Ellie!
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