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Jan 14 2009, 03:38 PM
Jan 14 2009, 02:56 PM
Thanks Ellie.

Of course Nicole wants Sami's baby-she wants Sami's life. Too bad she will never have what she thinks she wants. After all that garbage she told Mia, now she is just going to offload the baby she promised to love. Yeah I really believed her when she said she just wanted her happiness back.

I can see why James said EJ will not be happy in 2009.
I suppose a case could be made that Nicole could be a sympathetic character in this story - she did lose a baby and that was heartwrenching to watch and Ari did a fantastic job, But you lose that sympathy for Nicole when she all of a sudden wants Sami's baby - she begged Mia for her baby and that she would love her baby so much and now she thinks the baby as a back-up? I lost my baby, I need a baby to feel that hole in my heart, I beg you to give me you baby, oh by the way I want Sami's baby so your baby is back-up! This is more mommy dearest - then mother of the year!

Let's say that Nicole gets away with this for awhile - let's say years go by is Nicole going to resent Sami's baby? what if the baby starts to resemble Sami - will that just kill Nicole everytime she looks at her. Can Nicole really bond with Sami's baby a baby that she stole???

If Sami plans on giving her baby up would Nicole be stealing or trashpicking?

Forgive my harshness but I think that EJ has the right to raise his child. According to all of the characters on the show EJ is a good father and from what EJ has said Nicole has been a good step mother to Johnny so there is no reason to think that she will resent this baby for being Sami's. If anything, Nicole will probably feel like this justifies all of her lies, if she hadn't faked her pregnancy EJ would never know that he had a daughter.

Hopefully she means that Mia's baby is a backup because she thinks that Mia is going to change her mind and keep her little girl.

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