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Viewing Single Post From: SOD and SOW: Nicole wants Sami's baby!

Jan 14 2009, 04:14 PM
Nicole just wants Sami's baby cause it will look like EJ. Dr. Baker asked her about that, do you remember. This is just Nicole covering her butt, when the baby starts to resemble her birth parents, she want have that to worry about. This is about selfishness on Nicole's part. No matter how they swing it, it all selfishness.

Sami is being dumb as well because Sami knows plans backfire all the time. She should know this by experience from past blunders.

I might have considered that Nicole was going through all of this just to keep EJ if she didn't go on and on about her baby being a miracle, if she hadn't considered NOT telling EJ, if I hadn't watched the scenes when she fell apart after losing her little girl, if she hadn't packed her bags to leave when she thought that EJ brought up Sami's name again, is she didn't say over and over again she wants her baby and EJ.

Is what Nicole doing wrong? Yes. But IMO she's not nearly as selfish as Sami. Nicole wants to give EJ their dream family. Sami intends on keeping EJ from his child, her parents from their grandchild and Will, Johnny and Alie from their sister and her daughter from her entire family.

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