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Jan 14 2009, 05:01 PM
I think I will have to wait and see if Sami just wants to give her baby to the convent for a little while and go back and reclaim the baby like Colleen or if she is willing to give it up not thinking about who the baby will go to. Sami is holding a baby in a picture so I got the feeling she is just leaving the baby with the understanding she will be back for the baby and will end up with Mia's baby.

As far as Nicole - she is just digging a bigger and bigger hole and anyway you slice it she will almost stop at nothing to get what she wants - She almost drugged Brady, She stole and hocked a vase, she blackmailed the doctor and now she is going to scheme to get Sami's baby .... not to mention she never told EJ that his own baby girl died!

IMO, it doesn't matter whether or not Sami intends to go back to reclaim her daughter later. She intends to lie to everyone about who the child really is. She intends to divest this child over ever really knowing who she is. In that Sami and Nicole are no different.

But what makes Sami's choice worse IMO is that Sami intended to tell EJ about his child until she saw him making love to Nicole. As much as she claims that she is afraid of Stefano it doesn't explain why she left Johnny there and why she told Lucas to be sure that Johnny and Allie have lots of playdates without stipulating that they not happen at the DiMera mansion. Sami's not only lying about having a baby she's lying about why she is doing so. Sami is just mad that EJ has moved on with Nicole and she doesn't want to give him another child. It doesn't matter to her that her child will never know her real father, Sami would rather Lucas or Rafe claim that they are her daddy.

Back to Nicole, she ALMOST drugged Brady but she didn't go through with it. ALMOST
She blackmailed a blackmarket baby broker into helping her. So what?
She stole an ugly vase no one noticed missing. So what?
She hasn't told EJ that their baby died...and Sami never told EJ that his baby is ALIVE.

I wish that the writers had enough creativity to have Nicole tell EJ the truth about her and Sami. I think it would have been a better story if EJ knew about all of the lies and opted to raise the baby Sami lied to him about with Nicole.

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