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Jan 14 2009, 06:04 PM
Jan 14 2009, 05:28 PM
But what makes Sami's choice worse IMO is that Sami intended to tell EJ about his child until she saw him making love to Nicole.

As much as she claims that she is afraid of Stefano it doesn't explain why she left Johnny there and why she told Lucas to be sure that Johnny and Allie have lots of playdates without stipulating that they not happen at the DiMera mansion. Sami's not only lying about having a baby she's lying about why she is doing so. Sami is just mad that EJ has moved on with Nicole and she doesn't want to give him another child. It doesn't matter to her that her child will never know her real father, Sami would rather Lucas or Rafe claim that they are her daddy.


I think it is hilarious when people lists all the sins a character has committed while totally ignoring all other sins that other characters have done.

Sami and Nicole both have fucked up here.

Nicole is taking a child that nobody wants and is essentially adopting it. All I have gotten from her is that she wants to be a mom. Granted, with all the lies, she isn't thinking in the best interests of the baby either, but I could pass that off as grief.

Sami has lied to her parents, the baby's father, not to mention, tried to pass the child off as other men's kids before deciding that it is in HER best interest to abandon the child to an orphanage...all to justify something as stupid as being afraid of Stefano who incidentally is currently living with her other child.
I don't see at all where Sami is thinking in the best interest of her baby.

However, from the article, I am not sure I understand what is going to happen.
Does anyone get the impression that EJ is Mia's dad? Didn't she say when she looked at his picture that he looked familiar or something? Which would be hilarious if she and Will started dating.
I might be going too far.
I think both women are doing rotten things to both EJ and the babies ... both women are extremely selfish ... Nicole however is doing criminal things to get what she wants. So far Sami at least has not done anything criminal! Both women are lying to EJ - but Nicole is lying to his face day in and day out.

Mia said that EJ looked like her boyfriend I think!
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