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I started watching The Real World, live, during the Hawaii season. Of course, I caught up with some of the previous seasons due to the marathons they used to run before a new season was going to begin. But ever since Hawaii, I've watched every season. My two favorites were Chicago and Hawaii. I loved the drama Tonya and Amaya brought to their seasons. Everyone in the houses hated both of them. It was so funny. The each had their "woe is me" story. And Tonya introduced me to Wala Wala, Washington. Remember that song the roomates made up about her?! LOL!

Here are my rankings from the Real Worlds I've seen.

1. Chicago
2. Hawaii
3. Back to New York
4. San Diego
5. Key West
6. New Orleans
7. Hollywood
8. Denver
9. Austin
10. Las Vegas
11. Philadelphia
12. Sydney
13. Paris (SUCKED!)

I don't think I'm forgetting any seasons. Does anyone remember the movie they made, the TV one? It was like the "Lost Season" and it was filmed in Vancouver. I remember falling for that shit because I think I was like 12 or 13 at the time and I believed that some crazed fan set all that up until I saw the credits at the end. JIP! And then there was the Real World movie that was in the theaters. I think it was set in Cancun. It was another one that had actors.
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