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I enjoyed LA and Miami probably the most. Favorite part of Miami was when Flora was trying to go through the window to see the three way that was going on in the shower. But she actually broke the window.

London was probably the most boring. I did watch all of the Chicago season even though I didn't really care for it because I am from the area so it was interesting for me seeing them go around the city. But I couldn't stand hardly any of the roommates in Chicago.

I get why San Franciso is popular and why people really like it. I think it was interesting to have Pedro's story on the show and how people reacted to it. But everyone on the show was such a goody-goody that it almost came off fake to me. Puck was was a a-hole but he was the only bit of interest on the show and I always felt like they didn't really turn on him completely until Pedro was upset about it.

I did watch the behind the scenes special as well. It was interesting to see how they do try and keep the camera men separate from the roommates. After the Vegas season I lost complete interest in the show. It didn't seem "real" anymore and it all seemed to be about sex and conflicts that seemed be a show in order to get on camera.
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