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Thanks to an anonymous source!

For the week of January 26th:

---Nicole overheard Sami's plans to hide her baby from EJ and headed to the clinic with a plan of her own. She ordered Dr. Baker to take any call he received from a nun. Then, Nicole got a call of her own. Mia was in labor. Nicole rushed to her side, and was forced to deliver the baby herself. Mia had second thoughts about giving up her baby, but Nicole convinced her it was the right thing to do. Nicole was grateful, but still wished the baby was EJ's.

---The killer continued to torture Rafe, who refused to give up Sami's location, though he very nearly gave up her pregnancy. Rafe tried to lead the killer on, but the killer got tired of the games. He showed Rafe a photo of Johnny and Allie and vowed to kill them! Rafe finally managed to free himself and he attacked the killer. The killer grabbed a knife and stabbed Rafe, who also managed to slash back. The killer escaped before Rafe could follow. Maggie found the killer on the pier and got him to the hospital. Kayla realized he looked familiar, but will she figure it out in time?

---While Nicole was delivering Mia's baby, Sami went into labor, as well. Luckily, Sister Theresa managed to get Sami to Dr. Baker's clinic and introduced her as Colleen. Sami's delivery was difficult and when her baby girl was born, she wasn't breathing. Dr. Baker left the delivery room with the baby, just as Nicole entered the lobby with Mia's newborn. While Sami panicked, Nicole came up with a plan: switch Sami and Mia's babies. Dr. Baker reluctantly (very reluctantly) agreed. He took Mia's baby into Sami. Will Sami believe this little girl is hers?

---Daniel saw a happy scene and realized he and Chloe could never be together. He left her a message saying as much. She returned the call, saying they had to talk. Maggie overheard and wondered if Chloe and Lucas were having problems. Chloe admitted she was upset that Lucas still made Sami a priority. Chloe and Daniel finally met for that talk; unfortunately, they couldn't keep their hands off of one another. They made love – again. Chloe kissed Daniel outside of his apartment and Maggie saw it.

---Philip tried to tempt Stephanie with a private jet to Chicago, but she wanted no part of it. Instead, they headed to the Cheatin' Heart, where she beat him at pool, but let him choose the prize. Philip bought out the bar for the night and Stephanie got a prize as well: him. Later, Philip and Brady talked about Melanie. Would she take the fuel project to the DiMeras? Philip promised to take care of Melanie. Meanwhile, Melanie was pumping Max for info on the DiMeras. Should she start a bidding war? Then Melanie and Brady bonded over their fathers and she promised to make the fuel project a success. But with which company?

---The week of Janury 26th - the mayor's killer is wounded by Rafe in a fight, Maggie finds him on the pier, and takes him to the hospital - Kayla treats him, and realizes he looks familiar, but (for now) she doesn't remember from where she recognizes him

Bo will ask Steve to help him on the case of finding the mayor's killer. Steve then hacks into Stefano's computer and gets a lead on the killer by finding a corporation holding a large sum of money.

Then Bo has a vision of Hope firing a gun.......which he confides to Steve about; Bo envisions a death in the family. So, Bo tries to take Hope off the case, she refuses, and then he tells her about his vision. She tells him she'll be extra careful. And THEN......Bo has a vision of Hope shooting Kayla! Which leads to Bo and Steve working frantically together to keep Hope and Kayla apart......

**UPDATED 1/16**

CDN TV Guide spoilers

Rafe is tortured by the killer, and eventually reveals Sami's location; Lexie and Abe celebrate Theo's release from the hospital.

Mia and Sami go into labor at the same time; Rafe continues to lead the killer on and he vows to kill Sami's children; Philip wants to take Stephanie on a fancy date, but she instead leads him to Cheatin' Heart for a game of pool.

Sami has a difficult delivery and the baby is born in distress; Mia has doubts about giving her baby girl up for adoption; Rafe unintentionally gives away Sami's location to the killer.

Rafe lunges at the killer and the two engage in a battle; Nicole is desperate to save EJ's child.

Maggie finds the killer on the pier and calls for help; Steve believes he has a lead on Marino's killer; Kayla tends to the killer at the hospital and realizes he looks familiar.

**UPDATED 1/20**

Daily spoilers

Monday, January 26th
Sister Theresa helps Nicole keep out of Sami's sight; the killer tortures Rafe, who refuses to give up Sami's location; Abe tells Bo he needs to do a better job of catching the mayor's killer; Bo has an unsettling vision.

Tuesday, January 27th
Sami and Mia go into labor at the same time; Rafe keeps leading the killer on; Daniel runs into Chloe at the pub; Chloe, Lucas, Johnny and Allie have a food fight; Philip and Stephanie play pool.

Wednesday, January 28th
Sami has a difficult delivery; Mia decides to go through with the adoption; the killer threatens to hurt Sami's children if Rafe doesn't reveal her location; Max tells Philip to stay away from his sister.

Thursday, January 29th
Chloe tells Daniel that they need to talk; Kate worries that Daniel isn't taking their breakup well; Sami is worried about her baby; Rafe pursues the killer.

Friday, January 30th
Nicole tells Dr. Baker that she wants to switch Mia's and Sami's babies; Maggie discovers the killer on the pier; Rafe tries to warn Sami; Kayla thinks the killer looks familiar.

Daytime Dial spoilers


* Bo has a disturbing vision about Hope.

* Philip tries to tempt Stephanie with a fancy date.

* Nicole convinces Dr. Baker that he’s too involved in her plan to bail out.

* Melanie plans to start a bidding war between the Kiriakis and DiMera families.

* Thursday – The killer and Rafe have their final face off.

* Friday – Chloe realizes Maggie knows about her affair with Daniel.


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