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---While Nicole was delivering Mia's baby, Sami went into labor, as well. Luckily, Sister Theresa managed to get Sami to Dr. Baker's clinic and introduced her as Colleen. Sami's delivery was difficult and when her baby girl was born, she wasn't breathing. Dr. Baker left the delivery room with the baby, just as Nicole entered the lobby with Mia's newborn. While Sami panicked, Nicole came up with a plan: switch Sami and Mia's babies. Dr. Baker reluctantly (very reluctantly) agreed. He took Mia's baby into Sami. Will Sami believe this little girl is hers?

Oh goody. I sincerely hope that Dr. Baker got Sami's little girl breathing again BEFORE he pulled the baby switch. And why on earth would he agree to that little plan anyway (I know, Nicole blackmails him, etc.). And of course Sami will believe the little girl is hers. Sheesh.

You know, I think the thing that makes Nicole look the worst in all of this is convincing Mia to give up her baby by promising the baby will be loved and happy, and then switching that kid for Sami's kid, thereby leaving Mia's kid to be left in the convent, or whatever Sami decides to do. That's really just an awful thing to do.

---Daniel saw a happy scene and realized he and Chloe could never be together. He left her a message saying as much. She returned the call, saying they had to talk. Maggie overheard and wondered if Chloe and Lucas were having problems. Chloe admitted she was upset that Lucas still made Sami a priority. Chloe and Daniel finally met for that talk; unfortunately, they couldn't keep their hands off of one another. They made love again. Chloe kissed Daniel outside of his apartment and Maggie saw it.

So, in the Daniel/Chloe world it appears that "we can't do this anymore" really means "let's have sex right this instant." Good to know.

---Philip tried to tempt Stephanie with a private jet to Chicago, but she wanted no part of it. Instead, they headed to the Cheatin' Heart, where she beat him at pool, but let him choose the prize. Philip bought out the bar for the night and Stephanie got a prize as well: him. Later, Philip and Brady talked about Melanie. Would she take the fuel project to the DiMeras? Philip promised to take care of Melanie. Meanwhile, Melanie was pumping Max for info on the DiMeras. Should she start a bidding war? Then Melanie and Brady bonded over their fathers and she promised to make the fuel project a success. But with which company?

I love the visit to the Cheating Heart and the pool game. I know a lot of people won't care, but for some old school fans like me, it's nice to see Stephanie playing pool at the heart just like her parents used to. I hate that Melanie is now involved with Philip, EJ, and Brady. She's an 18 year old kid and she's playing these guys left and right. Just not my thing I guess.
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