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This may be predictable but, again, show me something on soaps that isn't? Show me something in TV or even film that isn't? Nothing surprises me anymore. It's very rare. Everyone is recycling or ripping off each other. It's sad but I've grown accustomed to it. The idea is to put a new twist on it and I think Days has, at least IMO.

A month ago, there was no sign of someone like Mia entering this so that is something no one, at least on here, saw coming. Many just assumed Sami's baby would go to Nicole's somehow and, while that does happen, the Mia thing was never predicted.

This sounds good and glad we are finally at this stage. I like Mia so I hope she sticks around. I think she will. With the pregnancy issues today and considering Mia's background and how much she seemed to open up upon seeing the mansion, I see her sticking around and being a pest. She will be the "Susan" character here in that she keeps pushing Nicole more and more for either money or maybe even has doubts about giving up her baby and wants to be nearby. I can see Mia becoming a nanny and bonding with the baby, not knowing it isn't even her baby bit Sami's. That could complicate things further.

I'm excited because this is the one story they seemed to have put alot into since the beginning and it's the A story. It will also lead to some great aftereffects. I can't wait.
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