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Jan 16 2009, 03:44 AM
The reason I feel that way, Ellie, is that she's only been on a month so it's unlikely many liked her unless they knew her from other soaps or just liked her as an actress. The character was barely on and is now a psycho. Therefore, she has very little support. What I'm trying to say is that she was thrown to the wolves and will forever be associated with all this. You just know some rabid fan will come up to her somewhere or something and just hammer her for it unfairly. Some fans can be just plain rude and considering the gravity of what is going on, I feel bad for her. She will have to deal with things she shouldn't have to and read things she shouldn't have to. I just think they put her in an awkward position.
Ok, thanks, I didn't realize that's where you were coming from. It's interesting, I hear the actors telling stories like that all the time, like I think Ali Sweeney has a story of someone coming up to her in the supermarket when Sami kidnaped Belle and hitting her with a pocketbook and telling her to give that baby back. I personally would be able to see that Ali Sweeney in the supermarket is not Sami Brady the psycho, but I guess some others can't!

Either way though, I actually think if Sandra is looking to jump-start her career, this might be a very good vehicle for her. This is a pretty high-profile story on Days given that it's D&D's last story, so I'm sure she's getting visibility from it. I'm sure casting directors or whoever would have no difficulty realizing that Sandra is not Charlotte Taylor. I don't think it puts her in a bad position at all. jmo!
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