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It's not just a question of predictability. I mean anybody who has ever seen an action movie knows how the thing basically goes (good guy is introduced, bad guys sweep in and do bad things while good guy tries to stop them, just when all is lost, good guy wipes out bad guys). Even with something predictable, the fun is in how they execute.

But, in this particular case, not only has the storyline been totally predictable, the predictability had taken all of the fun out of the execution because it made everything that happened in between just filler. When ALL knew that Nicole was going to end up with Sami's baby, just not the how. But, in a soap storyline like this, it's not the how that makes the story work, unlike my action movie example).

Additionally, for some of us, the character sacrifice necessary to make this storyline happen is just not worth it. So, not only did they do something predictable, they've done it in a way to cause the most damage to the characters (in my opinion).
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