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Jan 15 2009, 10:05 PM
I just think this "keep Hope and Kayla apart" thing is hysterical. I mean, what's going to happen, Kayla's going to be like, "I think I'll go to the pub and meet Hope for a coffee", and Steve will jump in front of her and be like, "NO!! NOT THAT!!" ?? I just don't get it, or how it's 'soapy'.
With the caveat that this scenario would require decent writing (and therefore, is almost certainly not going to happen), I do think there's a way to do it that could be tense and exciting.

Let's say that Boleste has his vision. It happens that Hope is out on an investigation, and Kayla is out, say, shopping with little Joe. Bo and Steve are at the pub or something, and Bo has his big vision. Steve takes the leap of faith that Bo knows what he's talking about, and he starts trying to contact Kayla, only she's not answering her phone for some reason. Bo tries to track down Hope, but she's ignoring her phone because she's talking to a possible witness.

Now they're trying to physically track the women down and make sure they don't meet up without warning, because of what Bo's seeing. This would all happen over a single episode, with the tension rising as we see Kayla and Hope getting closer and closer to crossing paths. It wouldn't be so much soapy as suspenseful, but it could be very entertaining.

Do I think that'll happen? No, probably not. But it COULD be done well.
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