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Jan 16 2009, 05:20 AM
Jan 16 2009, 04:47 AM
I disagree completely that everything on TV or in a movie is predictable
Same here. Why would you even continue watching TV/movies, if you always know what's going to happen next? That doesn't make any sense to me.
Because, frankly, there is not much else to do LOL.

I'm being serious. Hollywood knows the well is empty. That much has been clear for at least 5 years now. All I expect is some part of what is out there to be new or for something to have a new spin on it and, for me, this does.

Yes, it has some ripoff feel to it but what doesn't especially on soaps? Hell, OLTL spent it's whole summer ripping off past stories. B&B is constantly going back to Ridge/Brooke or Ridge/Taylor and it's repetitive as hell but they seem to try to add something new to it. Same goes for GH. They all do it. Primetime shows do it too, which is why you tend to see some choosing to go off on their own after a certain period because they run out of ideas and don't want to repeat the same ones.

Everything has been done. Aliens, possession, baby switches, love triangles, clones, impostors, faux deaths, etc. I can see the point that you don't want it exactly the same way as past stories but I don't think that is at all happening here nor do I think it will. Yes, there are similarities but the story has major repercussions for many characters and will create lots of major drama down the line so I'm all for it and that has me hooked.

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