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Jan 16 2009, 05:02 PM
Jan 16 2009, 04:51 PM
Jan 16 2009, 04:48 PM
So they are in magazines, just like the SOW and SOD articles about J&M leaving.
Right, except this comes from the show. See my post above - my point is that NBC/Days is missing this opportunity to promote this. You were saying that these only go on the internet, so I corrected that. But the point remains that the show is missing many opportunities to promote this or pay tribute to Deidre and Drake.
See this is what I don't get. You seem upset because they (as in Sony/NBC) didn't pay Drake and Deidre a tribute, but they didn't do that to all the other actors that have been fired, at least not the past years. Why should Drake and Deidre be treated as royalties when others weren't? Is it because they are long time vets? So were Thaao, Renee, John and Matthew when they were fired, and more than once. Is it because they are a "supercouple"? Jack was part of a supercouple too but not the others. Is it because J&M have one of the most vocal fan base?
Thanks! Seriously, Im getting to be really tired with this. THERE IS NO WORLDWIDE CONSPIRACY AGAINST JARLENA, DEE, DRAKE AND ITS FANS! Those listings probably writes some intern who could care less. Its not personally controlled by Corday, NBC and/or Higley.

NBC promotes Jarlena exit as any other big event. There is no reason to went overboard with it as nobody except soap viewers care and all soap viewers already know.

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