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CDN TV Guide spoilers

Rafe is tortured by the killer, and eventually reveals Sami's location; Lexie and Abe celebrate Theo's release from the hospital.

Mia and Sami go into labor at the same time; Rafe continues to lead the killer on and he vows to kill Sami's children; Philip wants to take Stephanie on a fancy date, but she instead leads him to Cheatin' Heart for a game of pool.

Sami has a difficult delivery and the baby is born in distress; Mia has doubts about giving her baby girl up for adoption; Rafe unintentionally gives away Sami's location to the killer.

Rafe lunges at the killer and the two engage in a battle; Nicole is desperate to save EJ's child.

Maggie finds the killer on the pier and calls for help; Steve believes he has a lead on Marino's killer; Kayla tends to the killer at the hospital and realizes he looks familiar.
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