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Jan 17 2009, 01:08 AM
Jan 16 2009, 07:25 PM
Tim, I see I'm back to agreeing with you again, LOL. I really feel sorry for Sandra. She got a bum rap right along with D&D...........I don't care what anyone says. You KNOW there are some out there in the Days viewing world who can't tell the difference between reality and fiction and will blame the actress, if she hasn't already started to get nasty letters. This is another actress who has feelings, and this will be doubled with the hate many "radical" fans have towards her character.
Playing the interloper with an established couple that many like is difficult enough. To have some consider her the catalyst for that couple leaving...............poor woman. And, she was duped, plain and simple. I've heard enough about what wasn't fair to D&D. We get it. It also wasn't fair to Sandra Robinson.
I loved SF on Another World. I was happy she was coming to Days till I found out J&M were leaving, then was still open to her.

Yes, I started hating her taking up screen time when I wanted to see John and Marlena making headway instead of the 5 minutes they were on being spent on her, but I've never once thought of sending hate mail to her or wished her ill will. In fact, I felt bad that she wasn't on the show under better circumstances because I liked her, and still like her. I would like to have seen how this story would have played out had John and Marlena stayed.

I know there are crazy people out there. But I have trouble believing that many would blame SF for what happened. She was hired to play a part. She didn't write it, and I'd hardly expect her to refuse to act it out as written any more than I blame D&D for acting out this insulting ending. It's a job.

I don't think her leaving is any more unfair than any other short term actor doing his job and leaving, in fact, I do think she'll benefit more from the notoriety than be hurt from it. I'm not saying I don't sympathize with anyone losing their job, but I don't think it was unfair at all. If they hired her for a long term goal and cut her, then I'd call it unfair. As it is, she's gotten a lot of exposure, did a good job with what she had, so I could see this helping her land another job. Hardly unfair.

If anything I think this whole situation is unfair to the fans because we just want to see a show, not see some kind of vengeance carried off in an exit story. Hard as it may be for some to believe, I've lost many characters that I've loved over the years, Doug, Julie, Marlena, Hope, Kim, Tony(though he was Andre), Mike, Belle and felt bad about losing them too and I griped then but just to friends. If I had been online, I'd have probably griped alot online, maybe not as much because John has pretty much always been my favorite, but losing Kim hurt very badly, as well as losing Shane and Tony(Andre). Do you suppose the reason they brought Tony back is because their fans missed them? Is it so hard to understand others being upset over not only losing their favorites of twenty some years, but also them going out this way?

I know you're sick of hearing about J&M, but think of it this way. After next Friday, you'll never have to see them again, so you can watch the characters you love get trashed by Higley in peace.
I'm used to seeing characters I love "get trashed", and I'm used to things on TV shows not always going my way. It's part of the viewing world. Hell, it's part of life, period.

I either watch for the actors, or I just quit watching. Period. It's not like the writing for J&M has been stellar the past few years. I will comment if I don't like things, but if it gets to be too much, I stop. It's actually very easy. I cut back on posting. Otherwise, this damn fantasy world and arguments about a TV bog my day down. Then I have to say "This is stupid. This is about a damn TV show that 7/8's of the world doesn't watch". It's not worth it to ruin my real life and spend my money on.

It's easy, too. After a while, I just try to quit saying the same thing over and over and over, because it won't change squat. I'm just not the "wailing and gnashing of teeth" type. Not over TV.

And, I still feel Sandra Robinson got a bum rap, despite the shortness of the time she was on. I feel like they brought her on with false pretenses. And I am going to feel sorry for her. And I still believe that there are fans out there whose minds dull the lines between fiction and reality and will hate HER and associate HER with the demise of J&M.

When you consider there were fans blaming ALLISON SWEENEY for Sami being written to kidnap Belle, when you read accounts of fans cussing out the actors who play unsavory characters, doing stupid things at fan events towards actors who play the parts of the "interloper", send not-so-nice letters and "gifts" to actors who admit enjoying playing opposite other actors who AREN'T part of the "twu wuv" couple, and read accounts of them getting nasty letters, it's not a huge stretch of the imagination to figure that there are going to be fans who will forever associate SR the actress with CT the character and not know the difference.
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