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Jan 17 2009, 07:07 PM
Jan 17 2009, 02:11 PM
You don't just become possessed either. You also don't find a woman who happens to look exactly like you so she can pass as you and also happens to be pregnant, conveniently suiting your needs. There also aren't "People of the Night" in the underground tunnels of Paris nor are there really supercouples in real life. How about people like the Parrot Man or Lady in White? How about people that come back from death all the time, even when it's inconceivable. It's called escapism, something many claim they want in soaps.
But those stories were entertaining. They were worth the suspension of disbelief. They also didn't just come flying in our faces out of nowhere.

This Bo story isn't worth the paper it's written on. That's the critical difference.
Some were IMO. Some were not IMO. Some had so many plot holes and were based on such absurdities, I couldn't really get into them as much as others clearly did. However, I won't argue that the bulk of JER's run was entertaining. And sure they didn't come out of nowhere. JER was allowed to to get his vision across. There was no one messing with things. It has only been over the last few months that Higley and co could get their vision onscreen so of course alot of this had little buildup, with the exception of the Nicole story which by some miracle managed to have buildup.

You don't find this story entertaining where I find aspects of it entertaining. We differ but no one of us is right or wrong in thinking what we think. In the end, you and others may be surprised or you may be proven right and I will happily say you were right, just like I did with Higley. I just prefer to wait and see before making a judgment on a story that is barely out of the gates as it seems.
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