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Jan 18 2009, 09:03 AM
Owes them?

Did they not get paid and paid very well? Have they not had adoring fans thru the years worshipping the ground they walk on?

If nobody knows about J&M leaving by now maybe it's just cuz they don't care. How many articles have been posted about it? Even FOX news had a blurb.

I guess it's hard for me to muster more sympathy for them than I do for the average Joe who just lost their job.
First of all, in terms of "owes them", I did not mean they owed them money, and you will see that if you read my posts.

Second, the topic was the show itself and how they have been recognized there, not how they've been recognized on Fox news. I think it's absolutely disgusting that Yahoo.com and the New York Post seem to care more about Drake and Deidre than Days of Our Lives does. Aside from the promo, the show has not acknowledged this. This spoiler made it sound like even the last show will not be focused on their exit, which led me to guess that the show was trying to downplay this. I understand that some in this thread disagreed with that perspective on how spoilers work, and that's fine. Point taken.

Third, about "mustering more sympathy for them than for the average Joe", I actually have a family friend who was fired after FORTY years at his job and treated like crap. He was laid off with a bunch of other people, and before he left, he went through his office to take some mementos home. I'm not talking about staplers, but things that belonged to him that had the company logo, and projects he'd done of which he was particularly proud. Unfortunately, the company had posted a security guard at the entrance, and they told him he was only allowed to take his personal belongings from his office (photos, etc) and nothing else. I thought that was terrible, and I discussed it extensively with my family. However, where this thread is called "Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the week of January 19th", I didn't see how that story fit. Please don't conclude on that basis that I wouldn't be sympathetic towards anyone else.
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