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Jan 18 2009, 03:36 PM
What might be cool is to have people actually questioning the whole psychic thing in a scientific way rather than just accepting it the way Bo is. Hope should have him go to Kayla to have an MRI or something. They could discuss how injuries to certain parts of the brain can cause hallucinations and explore it clinically, all the while Bo's having these visions that nobody--neither he nor the viewer---can be sure aren't just the side effects of his head injury. This would make it actually mean something if, say, Steve took a leap of faith and believed that what Bo's seeing actually are visions, while Kayla, being a doctor and more skeptical, wants to run more tests. And Hope's caught in the middle between pure faith and pure science and you might actually have a character-driven drama.

But...this is Higley.
Another great idea. Days toyed with some of this between Marlena and Kayla when John was in a coma in early 2007, and appearing in dreams to Marlena. Marlena was living on faith, but Kayla reminded her they were both doctors, women of science, etc.

Although I think the fans tuning in now aren't interested in this kind of drama. It's certainly the kind of drama *I* like on Days - but I've learned I'm in the vast minority on that. LOL!
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