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i completely agree that it's silly to defend either sami or nicole at this point. what i am sorry about is that the characters had to be written so ridiculously to make this story work. as much as i dislike sami, i can't ever see her giving up her kid to an orphanage, even temporarily, because she is scared of stefano. the old sami would have kidnapped johnny and gone on the lam with him and her new baby. i also can't see nicole wanting sami's baby--ever. i also can't reconcile her recent conversations with mia with her now cavalierly handing mia's baby off to sami when she swore to take care of it. i guess i just don't see the need to demonize these two characters just to make the baby switch work. there are other ways that this could have been done without making either sami or nicole totally unworthy of ej. another reason i have a problem with this storyline is because it appears that everything is being set up to make sami the weepy innocent heroine in the whole thing, and frankly, it irritates me to see sami become one of those characters. it just doesn't work for the actress or the character.
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