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Jan 19 2009, 06:50 PM
Jan 19 2009, 06:42 PM
Jan 19 2009, 05:14 PM
Wow, you would think Dee and Drake didn't get paid millions of dollars over the years to play John and Marlena, the way people are going on and on about how horribly they have been treated. How nice of them to do it for free :)
I've watched Dee and Drake from their very first days on screen--I actually remember a DAYS when Marlena didn't exist! And, although firing long-term, loyal employees over the phone isn't right, it could be worse. I have a good friend who was a loyal employee at a large corporation for 25 years, was met at the door by security and handed a box of belongings and his severance papers, and now works at Home Depot. Sometimes life isn't fair!

I would love to know the original story for Dr. Taylor. The rewritten version isn't making any sense, as I have no idea why she is acting the way she is towards John and Marlena. It all feels thrown together...and I'm sure it was. I feel bad for the actress because she was put right in the middle of an ugly situation, through no fault of her own.
I feel the same.

I have watched since the early 80's and have seen people come and go, including John and Marlena. Now, if they are the only reason you watch the show, then that is different. I've never understood how anyone can watch for just one or two people. You may as well just watch clips on youtube if nothing else interests you rather then waste time fast forwarding or whatever. However, I watch for everyone. That isn't to say I like everyone but I try to engage with all the stories and usually I find something in each story that at least helps to keep my interest. Basically, no one person or couple is the show. If anyone is close to being the center of the show, it's Frances Reid.

As for Charlotte, I agree and I do feel horrible for Sandra. However, it's coming off alot better then I thought. It's still rushed and all over the place but it doesn't come off horribly messy, at least not me. There is enough good scenes and suspense to detract from the bad aspects, at least for me thus far.
I don't get it, either. I started watching as a teenager during the Addie/Marie/Marty Hanson years (took about 15 years off, LOL), and watched a lot of other TV for years. It happens. Actors come.........actors go. I watch Days for the full show. And I have the exact same feelings about Frances Reid. Whether she's on or not, that presence is felt. People still talk about Alice, miss Alice, want Alice. And I'm speaking in terms of general fans.

I want to see the Marlena/Charlotte show-down. I'm finding myself intrigued and actually seeing spunk in Marlena for the first time in quite a while. At least, the kind of spunk I like to see, which was the spunk I saw her with with Stephano. This really isn't turning out too bad, with Brady involved and all.

And yeah, Days4Life, life ISN'T fair. It rains on the just and unjust alike. That's horrible about your friend. And it might be horrible of me, but I feel for him a lot more than I do for actors who pulled in a mill or so every year. Yes, it's sad for them. But at least they don't have to resort to working at Home Depot or McDonald's.

And in all honesty, it might be one of those "somewhere when a door is shut, a window is open" opportunities for the DH's. We don't know that.

As for the original story of Charlotte Taylor.....................wouldn't you LOVE to be a fly on the wall at the studio sometimes?
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