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Jan 19 2009, 03:53 PM
Seriously, if Dee ends up on GH, and yet they can't make room for Genie Francis, then GH is even more fucked up then I thought.
See, that would ordinarily piss off GH fans but I'm convinced many of those who would care have already stopped watching and that those that care and still watch have accepted her never returning. Hell, I would almost expect Frons to do something really stupid like recast Genie with Deidre Hall but that would piss Tony Geary off and that would be the end of that.

I can see GH making her an offer and I can see them making room to bring her on. They have a chance with this current story of theirs to clear some space. I have this feeling Leslie Charleson may get axed during this story so that could help. However, I don't think Dee will end up there nor do I see her on AMC with their issues or OLTL since Ron seems to like bringing in familiar faces more then anyone new. I can see Drake on GH soon but Dee I feel may end up doing something else.

Actually, more and more I'm thinking Dee is going to so something primetime related or something not soap-related. With all the cuts in daytime, I can see her fielding offers and staying away for awhile. The way she said she thought there really wasn't "a daytime to be had" in her chat made it sound like she was through with daytime for awhile.

If I had to choose a place for her, I think the best is Y&R right now. The strong writing and direction will help her and she needs that. Otherwise, I don't see a good fit right now in daytime. I do think she will have her share of projects to pick from and it seems she has things in the works. We'll see. Anything can happen. Nothing would surprise me anymore.
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