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Why would they not afford her? If Deidre joins another show, shouldn't she get a newbies salary since that's what she is on a new show?
LMAO. That would be like Meryl Streep joining Days and being paid the same as Molly Burnett.
Yes it would be since Meryl Streep would be new on Days and therefor wouldn't have a vets salary.
Like Mason said, it doesn't work that way. Like in sports, a soap is going to have to pay for a top notch actor like Deidre Hall to get her on their show. I don't know where you read such a thing but it's not true.
The article was from soap world. But all of you that say I'm wrong, where did you get your information?
Common knowledge of the free market system?
Which also has to do with the concept of paying what the market will bear, not to mention, the up and down worlds of inflation and recession. Which, according to the news, we are in. We don't know if the soap market will bear a high salary for Hall or not. If companies who pay for commercials cut back on their advertising, and if shows are cutting salaries for their established vets, why does it seem that a few people think others are silly in believing the world isn't going to throw money at Hall?

Plus, since Sindacco is NOT from the U.S., you might want to consider that he doesn't know about the US free enterprise concept. But then again, he might surprise you. I would venture to say, should a show consider hiring her, it's probably a happy medium between the Queen of the Vets salary and a lowly newbie salary. In my humble opinion, of course.
First of all I made no comments saying that I think a soap will currently pay what they have been willing to pay in the past. It is pretty OBVIOUS that all the soaps are hurting and nobody, even Deidre Hall, is going to be earning the kind of money she used to if she gets a job on another soap. I also never said anyone was silly, so please do not paint me with that accusatory brush. Secondly, I don't know what it would matter where Sindacco is from. But I'll guess that since he mentioned Soap World, he is from Australia. I believe Australia has the same kind of free market that the United States does. He can correct me if I'm wrong, since you neglected to tell me the facts of where he is from while somehow expecting me to know he is not from the U.S. But since we were talking about the soaps that are produced HERE in the U.S., again I don't see what it matters where he is from since I doubt Deidre will be going outside of the U.S. to find a job on a soap.
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